17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: One Way

  1. We return to New York for this week’s offering. This is along 30th Street at the northern edge of the Chelsea Neighborhood. The elevated tracks are eventually supposed to become part of the High Line park (I think).

  2. That’s true, the scale is so different between NYC and SF. Though it’s interesting how much my neighborhood in SF (SOMA) looks like a miniature version of Chelsea or Williamsburg. I notice similarities (as have friends and relatives who have visited me here).

  3. I like the light through the metalwork, too. But I like the texture and colors also. The one way sign sure makes me want to see where the one way is going!

  4. I’ve been there! I can’t usually say that about anything on Wordless Wednesdays, so thanks for making me feel cosmopolitan for a minute or so! 😛

    Great photo, as always.

  5. I didn’t think that was in SF so glad you verified that. Interesting idea to have an elevated park. I wonder if they have plans for the old/current bay bridge instead of tearing it down when the new one is up.

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