Weekend Cat Blogging #313: Rainy

We’re playing with the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone again. Here we see Luna looking out the window, where it is raining…in California in June. Speculate as you wish. The signal processing (Helga Viking lens and Kodot XGrizzled film) brings out some lush colors in the rain-soaked plants.

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Weekend Cat Blogging #313 is hosted by Billy SweetFeets.

As mentioned above, the Carnival of the Cats will be right here at CatSynth tomorrow.

And the Friday Ark is at the modulator.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #313: Rainy

  1. With the rain, guess it’s been a blue day. It’s ok Luna. The rain will stop soon.

  2. That’s the world upside down, usually it always rains in Belgium and now we have Californian weather since weeks !

  3. We always have rain in England but it’s been really sunny lately, we must have stolen your sunshine!

    I’m doing the Weekend Cat blogging too and that’s how I found your blog 🙂

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