24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Cat and Koi Street Art

  1. This artwork was painted on a temporary board on a building in the Mid-Market section of San Francisco. There are several of these street paintings with koi around my part of the city, but this is the only one I have seen with a cat!

    I may have missed it were it not for a friend and fellow experimental musician tipping me off about it during a recent show. I did go back another day to take some daytime shots, including the one presented here.

  2. Leave it to me to think it was a quilt!!! Really, the fish do look as though they are appliqued on! I think having art like that throughout the neighborhood would be very inspiring. You’re lucky to have that!

  3. We think that’s VERY cool. The mom says you don’t see anything like that around here, unfortunately.

    Concats on your 200th Wordless Wednesday post!

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  5. Oh coool!!! Love that there’s a cat in the mix. Very nice. Lovin’ the colors.

    Happy Belated WW!!

    (Hey, are you going to BlogHer?)


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