Fun with Highways: California Highway 114 (?)

I find myself on US 101 at least once a week for work, heading south from San Francisco to Palo Alto. A couple of weeks ago a started noticing a new route marker in a construction zone near East Palo Alto for Highway 114.

Highway 114? I did know there was such a thing. It turns out it is in fact a define short route along Willow Road between 101 and CA 84, leading to the Dumbarton Bridge, as described at Β It is only about one mile long.

I was also not familiar with 109, which runs along University Avenue in East Palo Alto but is unsigned.

So I wonder why 114 suddenly became signed as a detour route during this construction project? Is it perhaps a legal requirement, or maybe it will be signed in the future?

3 thoughts on “Fun with Highways: California Highway 114 (?)

  1. I never noticed that. I’m going to have to keep my eye out for that “new” highway. I’m sure it confused lots of other people too.

  2. Hard to know what the officials have in mind .
    Maybe they just like to keep people on their toes πŸ˜‰
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