16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Textured Wall

  1. I, too, am another fan of the hues in this one, plus all the lines. I’m thinking you must have used your hipstamatic on this again? And this definitely fits into your renewed focus.

  2. Yes, this was definitely another one done with the Hipstamatic. It can produce great effects based on the actual content on the image, but it can be very unforgiving at times, too. I often try different lens/film combos on a single image, or stick with one and move around. It’s a very different form of photography from the DSLR that I often use.

  3. There are buildings like that around here.
    No doubt built at a similar time when that material was cheap and available.
    While they may have been cheap to build, they are an abomination to see,
    especially as they age. A blight on the landscape :/

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