CatSynth pic: Uni and OMG-1

Submitted by Torley via our Facebook page.

“Nearing three years after her first appearance, Uni meows at CatSynth, this time on the OMG-1!”

If you haven’t yet seen it, please check out my article on the Presidio Pet Cemetery in San Francisco, part of our weekend featuring the Golden Gate Bridge and vicinity.

3 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: Uni and OMG-1

  1. Thank you Catsynth and thanks Gattina and Barbara — Uni is very precocious! Oftentimes if I leave my studio door open, she’ll roam on in and wiggle her tail against my legs. She looks positively adorable when she’s napping on her back and her white belly is exposed. She’s grown up but still a kitten at heart.

    I reckon, cats + synths are a magic combo like peanut butter + chocolate.

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