Weekend Cat Blogging: Behind the Camera

For years, we have been showing Luna in front of the camera for Weekend Cat Blogging. This week, we feature Luna behind the camera:

She was understandably curious about this odd setup in her favorite perch at the top of the stairs. It was in fact part of a more complex photo project I was doing, and the top of the stairs was the perfect place to frame the subject with floor as a backdrop.

You will have to wait for a future Wordless Wednesday or see my Open Studios events in September and October to see what was in front of the camera.

Weekend Cat Blogging #378 is hosted by pam and all the cats at Sidewalk Shoes.

The Carnival of Cats will be hosted this Sunday by the Three Tabbycats in Vienna, Kashim, Othello and Salome.

And the Friday Ark is at the modulator. This is the 400th edition, quite a milestone!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging: Behind the Camera

  1. MOL, we bet she’d turn out some pretty great documentaries on Chicken, Fish, and the Movements of Mice. Luna is such a graceful looking cat.

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