Weekend Cat Blogging #385: Halloween Black Cat Edition

We at CatSynth are excited to be hosting Weekend Cat Blogging Halloween Black Cat Edition. It has been a tradition for us since we started this blog back in 2006!

Black cats like Luna are sleekly beautiful and elegant, but still face challenges from old superstitions, especially at this time of year. Black cats often have the most difficulty getting adopted in shelters, and some of the posts from groups like Black Cats in Need of Rescue/Adoption on Facebook can be heartbreaking. Yet because of the superstitions and potential abuse around Halloween time, some shelters suspend black-cat adoption in October.

But this weekend, we want to celebrate black cats, and indeed all cats. So if you would like to participate, please leave a comment below, leave a comment for us on our Facebook page, or tweet us @catsynth.

Our friends in Texas Samantha Black,Clementine and Maverick are doing their best to be “spooky” this weekend as part of their Photo Hunt Challenge.

Over on our Facebook page, fan Hans Blieb contributed a few black cat pictures, including the cute one above. He also reminds us that nothing is spookier than a wet cat.

Also in the scary department, we were offline for several hours yesterday due to problems with our webhosting service. But as you can see, we’re back online now and ready to continue with the round-up. We will be accepting entries through Monday because of the delay.

It wouldn’t be Weekend Cat Blogging without a visit from our friend and black cat extraordinaire Jules. He joins us from Birmingham, Alabama and never misses a weekend that Luna hosts.

Meanwhile Tillie and Julie, our friends from Nova Scotia, remind us that black cats rule! They list many of the wonderful traits possessed by black felines, and encourage everyone to consider giving a black cat a home. We also think both Tillie and Julie look a lot like Luna.

Another from a fan on our Facebook page. Mickle Boulevard submits this cute feline photo with the caption: “What’s a router? If not for sits then why iz it warmz?” That’s indeed a good question.

The Cats at Wildcat Woods have some adventures for Halloween, including a pumpkin carving contest, and this photo of Minnie posing with a pumpkin.

At Animal Shelter Volunteer, Oracle is enjoying a relaxing Sunday and he is ready for adoption! Very cute. The cats and people at Animal Shelter Volunteer are in Connecticut and in the path of the oncoming hurricane. Stay safe, everyone!

And we close our black-cat and orange edition of Weekend Cat Blogging with a nod our own black-and-orange World Champion SF Giants!

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