Fevered dreams

After a relaxed and healthy Saturday (including a 4-mile walk through SF), I found myself all-of-a-sudden quite sick for the second time this month early on Sunday morning, including a fever. It dissipated by midday, but not before some interesting fever-induced dreams. Here is one of them:

It took place in Western New York, but the landscape had been replaced with a relatively flat desert environment. At the south end was a transplanted version of Yale – there was still the New Haven town green, but the university had different architecture, more columns and arches. A large numbered highway (I don’t remember the number) snaked its way north from the university into the desert along the southern edge of a large shallow lake. The road then split into two that were labeled “Masculine Dr.” and “Feminine Dr.” on Google Maps (yes, Google Maps appeared in the dream). Zooming out, the lake was shaped exactly like the entirety of all five Great Lakes in miniature – probably about the size of one of the Finger Lakes.

Dreams aside, I recommend to readers in the U.S. that they get a flu shot this year.

3 thoughts on “Fevered dreams

  1. Is this where your description ends ? “probably about the size of one of the Finger Lakes.”
    I was not sure if the side bar meant you could scroll down and read more. If so, it is not working for me.
    In any event ,it sounds pretty weird,as most dreams are 😉
    Hope you are feeling better.
    They are strongly recommending we get the flu shot here as well.

  2. Yes, that is where the description ends. I tend to remember settings and details more than I remember actions. This is often true of how I remember movies as well.

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