21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Broadway in the Bronx

  1. A nostalgic view of Broadway in the Bronx with the elevated tracks of the 1 train. Same area featured in this article from late last year.

    This is the second time I have featured a Bronx elevated subway image around the time of my birthday. I’m sure there is some significance to this…

  2. That’s really interesting, happy birthday. I wonder if they call it an El, I don’t recall ever being in the Bronx but as a child visiting Chicago I remember they called it an EL.

  3. Happy birthday! There is something forlorn about the photo. Its a great pic, but I agree with Gattina. Not sure why maybe its the b/w ……..

  4. Happy WW. Thanks for linking up with The Jenny Evolution and Wordless Wednesday Bloggers. Don’t forget about the Friday Flash Blog on my site. See you then!

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