CatSynth pic: New Serge 70s panels by COA-Modular


From, via matrixsynth:

“Here she is the first in a series of factory produced MetalPhoto quality aluminum anodized, satin finished panels ! Only $75 ! To go with your Legit CGS/ SERGE PCBs of course !
contact dankedout415 at gmail dot com”

COA-Modular Serge 70s panels

3 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: New Serge 70s panels by COA-Modular

  1. One can purchase the PCBs separate from the panels to assemble, so there are a lot of different panel options. This one does look nice.

    I haven’t myself looked into CGS PCBs and panels like these because I’m not sure I could handle the soldering at this time 🙂

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