An Update on Luna

Dear friends, it is time to bring you all up to date on what has been happening with Luna. It’s not the best of news, but she is most definitely still with us and still the same cat we know and love.

Luna the cat and iPad

A little over a week ago at Luna’s annual checkup, our vet found some rather concerning lumps on Luna’s belly, essentially on her nipples/mammary organs. It was pretty clear that was some sort of tumor, mammary cancer being fairly common for cats. But it wasn’t clear exactly what kind, what it’s status was, and what would be the best course of action. So last Wednesday, we went back for a biopsy, which is itself quite an ordeal. An preliminary X-ray suggested no obvious growths in her chest or lungs, which was a huge relief. So the focus stayed on the two original lumps. The biopsy procedure went well, and Luna came home that evening, albeit with a “cone of shame.”

Luna with cone / bonnet.

Cone aside, she remained in relatively good spirits, and has been as sweet and affectionate as ever – she knows I need her comfort as much as she needs mine. The cone has been a source of distress for her, and she hasn’t been eating much. And she is staying near the bed, sofa or other places that we use for resting or cuddling. I have been removing the periodically and bringing her food over the resting areas, which she devours with aplomb.

Luna eating without cone.

We anxiously awaited results from he biopsy. And on Friday evening, we received them, and it wasn’t good. Not the worst, but not good. Basically, they are an aggressive form of feline breast cancer. They can easily be removed with surgery, but one of them may have already attacked a blood vessel, which puts lymph nodes at risk. So at this point, the situation is quite serious.

Our next step is to see the cancer specialist this next week and decide what is the appropriate course of treatment. Regular readers of this site know just how precious Luna is, and have promised both her and myself that she will get the best care I can provide and will do what it takes to give her a good quality of life. There isn’t much to do until the appointment next Wednesday except wait, spend time together, and continue with the myriad other things that are happening in my world right now. Wednesday isn’t that far away when life is so busy, but it seems like an eternity at the moment.

Please keep Luna in your thoughts and purrs.

18 thoughts on “An Update on Luna

  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear this. Luna is definitely in MATRIXSYNTH land’s purrs. I hope she gets better soon. The cone of shame definitely looks better than the standard white plastic, but I’m sure it just as annoying. Get better Luna!

  2. Amanda I am so sorry to hear this.
    Please know that I understand what Luna means to you, and
    that I will be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.
    The kitties will also send positive vibration purrs.
    BIG hugs to you and Luna!

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ
    and mom Nancy

  3. I will tune all of my filters to healing frequencies and try to send helpful, healthful harmonics Luna’s way! Please keep taking great care of her! Get better Luna!

  4. Luna, you will be fully recover from an illness, take care……..

    from hong kong

  5. Amanda and Luna, please know that we are purring and praying for you, and the doctors, too. Sending hugs and all good thoughts, dear friends.

  6. Gosh we are so sorry to hear this news. Hope they can do something to help her. We sure will be sending good thoughts and lots of purrs.

  7. My black cat Mr. Sushi and me are wishing you and Luna all the best through this adversity. I remember being drawn to Catsynth years ago because of your charming pictures of her. She is blessed to have you giving her love and snugs.

  8. As the caretaker of two black beauties (Shadow, 17 & BeeGee, 13), my heart goes out to you. I hope Luna will be able to rebound from this life threatening ordeal and continue to bring joy to you and the cat synth world!

  9. We know you will give Luna the best of loving care! All of us here are sending our very best wishes and keeping you in our thoughts.

    and our mom, Nina

  10. Luna you are adored and the synth world would be an empty place without you. Snuggly kisses and best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Love you xx from Sheila and Merlin McCat. Inverness, Scotland

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