An Update on Luna: Surgery Recovery

Luna resting after surgery

Luna continues to recover from her surgery last weekend. She is mostly resting comfortably, but she has been alternately dopey from the painkillers and miserable from the discomfort and the insult of wearing the e-collar. It’s only in the last two days that she has started to seem herself again, eating more normally and wandering around the house as usual. Of course, she does continue to sleep quite a bit, but that is fine.

We did get a report from the surgeon that the skin spot was indeed the cancer (essentially we already knew that from tests), but that she was able to remove all of it, which is definitely good news. And so far the surgical incision appears to healing well. So once she is cleared from surgical post care, we can begin the next round of chemotherapy. No fun at all, but hopefully will put Luna back on the road to recovery.

Thanks as always for your continued purrs and healing vibes.

4 thoughts on “An Update on Luna: Surgery Recovery

  1. We are sending lots of purrs for Luna to get well.
    Her latest results sound good and we purr it stays that way.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ
    and mum Nancy

  2. Glad to hear that Luna’s doing better. Her ‘collar’ does have pretty colours though. Lots of kitty thoughts coming your way, Luna. Purr-hugs.

  3. Thank goodness they were able to get it all. We will keep on keeping Luna and you in our purrs, prayers and thoughts. Thank you for keeping us updated, Amanda!

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