An Update on Luna (and myself)


Luna has been doing well with her current treatment. The pill-based chemotherapy has brought the disease to a standstill so things aren’t getting worse, and it hasn’t caused her any noticeable side effects. And she has been happy and healthy otherwise. She plays, basks in sun spots, and particularly likes curling up on soft surfaces like the blanket in the photo above.

As was the last about a year ago during her initial treatments, I am also recovering from my own medical adventures. Nothing that would cause concern, but it has required a lot of rest and a lot of patience (which has never been my strong suit). Luna’s health, vitality, and affection have been tremendous comforts as I recover. We truly help each other.

3 thoughts on “An Update on Luna (and myself)

  1. You both have been through some pretty intense times in the past year.
    How wonderful that you both came through it together.
    You were there for each other and we believe that the mutual caring
    is why you both are doing well today.
    Luna looks SO good,alert and beautiful.
    So do you as we have seen in your recent performance pics 🙂
    Hugs to you both!
    Nancy and the ktties

  2. Helping each other through illness and treatments, wonderful. Sounds as though the mutual support you and Luna have goes goes a long way to feeling better. Purrs and good wishes for both of you!!

    Mindy & Mike

  3. We’re so happy that Luna continues to do well, and that the two of you are helping each other through these medical adventures. Hugs to you both!

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