An Update on Luna

Luna on the sofa

We wanted to give you all an update on Luna and her health. But first, she wants to say hi to everyone.

She is definitely lower energy, though still very affectionate and every so often has a burst of energy and runs like a kitten. She continues to walk with a bit of a limp. Her appetite is good, though she now prefers wet food almost exclusively. It’s hard to tell changes in the cancer area – it doesn’t seem any worse, but it wasn’t good to begin with. Overall, she is better than she seemed over Labor Day weekend, when things seemed measured in days. Days have now turned to weeks. As long as she continues to seem happy and content, I am content to make sure she stays that way.

And she still gives of herself. In the midst of this perennially busy season and the current stresses, I broke down early on Saturday amidst depression and fatigue. Luna recognized this and came over to set with me and purr loudly, groom me and give head butts. She is the sweetest creature I have ever known, and I hope we can enjoy a bit more time together.

5 thoughts on “An Update on Luna

  1. We are glad Luna continues to do well.
    We hope she has more good days than bad for a good while yet.
    Her video was so cute as was her voice.
    It is oblivious you two are bonded well as you both look after each other.
    We send positive vibes and purrs to you both.
    You two are always in our thoughts.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ
    and mum Nancy

  2. Sabrina says hello and she hopes Luna keeps up her energy. Sabrina is at the moment overcome by the heat and flat out on the bed. She hasn’t protested the wet towel rubs I’ve been giving her and enjoys licking the condensation on my glass of ice water.

  3. We are so glad that Luna continues to do well. We really enjoyed seeing (and hearing!) her on video. So sweet.

    Sending big purrs and prayers for more good days than not-so-good ones for Luna. We are grateful for the love and care the two of you share, and think of you always.


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