And Update on Luna – Purrs Needed


Luna had her monthly check-up yesterday, and the news wasn’t good. The cancer is continuing to spread. Slowly, but nonetheless spreading, including internally. As a result, I made the decision to stop the chemo. It clearly isn’t having the effect that we wanted, and it is making her miserable. It’s tough to decide to suspend treatment, but it seems like the best decision for her.

Indeed, in the short term she will probably feel much better. And that has been born out by her more lively behavior in the past 24 hours. I even caught her running around and exploring like a kitten this morning; and she has gone back to her delightfully diva behavior of demanding her favorite foods and attention from me. She does, however, lose stamina more quickly and needs to rest a lot.

Luna behind the equipment rack.

Regular readers know I love Luna very much, and have tried to do the best for her I can. And now it seems the best is to keep her happy and comfortable and enjoy our time together. And of course spoil her rotten. She will get lots of love, attention, comfort, and the tastiest foods.

I neither believe in nor seek miracles, so our request for purrs and thoughts is to join us enjoying the time we will have together.

13 thoughts on “And Update on Luna – Purrs Needed

  1. We know you are doing all you can for sweet Luna. We send purrs that you will enjoy the very best of times with Luna, you are both in our thoughts.

    Mindy, Mike and mom Nina

  2. Mindy & Mike asked their readers to stop by with the power of the purr so we are. I am so sorry for you and dear Luna. You squeeze every ounce of every moment and you’ll never regret the things you did.

  3. I’m so sorry the chemo didn’t work out as planned. As Luna is feelin’ more like herself without the chemo, I’m purrin’ and purrin’ AND PURRIN’ you will have as much quality time with her, filled with lots of love & cuddles, as is possible. Love is always best.


  4. we R new too your blog Luna; our pals at team tabby; mike & mindy asked if we could stop bye and send some best fishes your way; we can, and we send the blessings of St Francis to you as well ~~~~~ ♥♥♥
    hugs from us all to you and your mom

  5. So sorry to hear that the chemo isn’t working. :o(
    Lots of purrs and big huggles for Luna and you.

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