Remembering Luna, Two Years Later

Even with so much happening in our own lives and in the world at large, we pause it all on this night to remember our beloved Luna, who passed away two years ago on October 31.

There is a both a poetic beauty and a cruel irony in the fact that she left us on Hallowe’en.  It was the day every year that she was the star of cat-blogging world, hosting the annual Hallowe’en edition of Weekend Cat Blogging and being the most beautiful of beautiful black cats.

As we begin the yahrzeit, we light our memorial candle, and pay special respects to her memorial.

There was a moment of explosive grief as I told her, wherever and however she is, that I miss her so much.  After that, a calmer sadness settled in as I sip a glass of bourbon, play “Dollar Days” from David Bowie’s Blackstar, and assemble this post.

Luna closeup portrait

She was a work of art, and fit in perfectly with aesthetics and design of CatSynth HQ.

But she was also extremely sweet and loving.

Please join me in remembering our sweet little girl, who left us way too soon.  She will always be missed, never forgotten.

7 thoughts on “Remembering Luna, Two Years Later

  1. We remember sweet Luna and miss seeing her as well.
    Some kitties touch our hearts so much and will always remain there.
    Lots of purrs and hugs for you today as you remember dear Luna.

    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ
    and mum Nancy

  2. Oh this is both lovely and sad to see. We know she will be missed BUT also that Luna was THE most beautiful cat.

    #BlackCatsRock they nail perfection with one simple claw stroke.

  3. You are missed sweet princess…The first part of this tribute I wrote is one of my best creative pieces and still brings tears as I read it.

    FNN Special: Luna of CatSynth – RIP, Charming Lady

    (Click on the link in my name)

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