4 thoughts on “Millie in the Studio

  1. Such a pretty kitty. I used to have a white cat named Millie too. He was a boy though, we found him in the millyard.

  2. Millie is beautiful and knows how to rock!

    I’ve tried coming to your blog directly, and for some reason if I end up at your home page, I can read the posts but not reply. I’m not sure where I’ve gone wrong but I’m a “Try different stuff until you find what works” type of person when it comes to tech things.

    I noted your use of the word, “mitzvah” in a comment on my blog, and I want you to know I am praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

    1. Sorry about the challenges with the blog. It could an issue with cookies? Maybe try clearing cookies and cache and see if it works.
      And yes, I use “mitzvah” a lot in my speech, something I picked up from my Jewish heritage 🙂

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