2007 farewell

Today we bid farewell to one of our most difficult, anxious and unhappy years, certainly the worst since 2001/2002.

2007 started quietly and optimistically, but we watched things fall apart quickly, and not just for us, but for friends and family as well. Certainly, there were high points, too. And CatSynth has been one of them. But for many of us, I think, this year could not have ended soon enough.

And while turning a page on a calendar does not change things, we hope for at least some sense of a new beginning…

Worthless Kitty Interlude: 1990 and 2041

I was listening to the radio last night on the way home, and the program host was referring to an event 17 years ago, in 1990. Some thoughts:

1990 is 17 years ago, or half a lifetime ago.
2007 will be half a lifetime ago in 2041.
In 2041, I will be 68 years old.

many cats can live to 17 years or more

my grandfather (on my mother's side) died at age 68 in 1982.