Art Fairs SF 2013 at Stretcher

I recently published an overall review from this year’s San Francisco art fairs at Stretcher, an online magazine covering arts in the Bay Area and beyond.

It’s been a little over a month since the annual art fairs all returned to San Francisco on a single weekend. This year there were just two art fairs instead of three: ArtPadSF was once again at the Phoenix Hotel, and an expanded artMRKT took over the Fort Mason exhibition center. Consolidating to two fairs at once seems more reasonable. Not only is it less overwhelming for attendees, but the shakeout has left a strong dichotomy between the two. artMRKT is an international art fair in San Francisco, while ArtPadSF is a “San Francisco Art Fair.” The latter is very intimately tied to the character of the city and specifically to the surrounding neighborhood, with the exhibitors in hotel rooms around the central pool, surrounded by the buildings of San Francisco’s Downtown/Tenderloin neighborhood.


You can follow this link to read the full article and see a great many images from the fairs. Here are couple of them.

[Stickyphille, Phelipe, Radion (2008-2009), Andrea Patrachi, Mirus Gallery.]

[Dakini, 2011, Monet Clark, Krowswork.]

[Works by Michelle Pred, Nancy Hoffman gallery.]