Weekend Cat Blogging #276: A quiet morning

It’s a quiet, rainy morning here.  So we are just relaxing a bit.  Luna was sitting quietly on the carpet for an extended period of time, which gave me an opportunity to play with the cameras.  First, a detailed black-and-white portrait (36mm):

Next, it’s over to the iPhone camera for more fun with the Hipstamatic app:

I think both the green lens effect and the monochrome of the first image capture qualities of this morning.  So does this nice big yawn:

A quiet, moody and gray morning like this is actually welcome.  It’s an opportunity to rest and turn inward.

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Warped Cannon

Courtesy of fellow experimental musician Gino Robair, we have the “Warped Cannon” page, which features the Pachelbel's Canon in a wide variety of tunings. The MIDI files on the site present the canon performed not in variants of the traditional just and equal-tempered scales, but several rather odd tunings as well. Of particular interest to me was the the Bohlen-Pierce variation, using the Bohlen-Pierce tuning that I have discussed in previous posts. While some readers/listeners may find this variation a little difficult to listen to, and even disturbing when contrasted with the original, I actually find it quite inspiring. I am always interested to hear pieces done in this tuning ahead any future BP compositions of my own.