Catsynth story: "Mewg"

Our friend and regular WCB'er whaleshaman posted this great story as a comment on the Waldorf Pulse and cats. I thought this was worth bringing forward as it's own article. Enjoy!

certainly without cats the synthesizer would never even have come into existence AS WE KNOW IT.

few know that robert “moog” really was a cat! his name is more correctly spelled “mewg,” but changed to hide his real identity.

he had a cute little sporty car with the license plate “moog,” which he parked on broadway near columbia university in the riotous good old days [late 60s, early 70s].

people used to stand around and stare, and through the fog of “herbal” smoke, proclaim knowingly: oh, man, he is SUCH a cool CAT. and btw, end the war but sieze the dean's office first.

i suppose you're wondering how he got away with being a cat and having a drivers' license.

apparently there was a motor vehicle office back in the 60s, on central avenue in white plains [near the county center where i went to music camp in the summer of '59]. the employees in that particular office were unusually corrupt [driven insane by the music camp's awful band rehearsals] and would license “anybody” who showed up.

so that's how bobby the cool cat got to drive a car on broadway.

true story — parts of it anyway.

I can vouch for the DMV office on Central Ave. in White Plains, NY. That's where I got my first driver's permit and then license!

Maybe Toonces should try them for his license as well…