Big Merp, Yamaha RX5, Modular

Today we have CatSynth pics with our very own Big Merp, who loves to jump up on the desk. Here we see him with our Yamaha RX5 drum machine and our massive modular system. The Metasonix modules are easy to spot, as are the Make Noise modules. We also have MOTM, Rossum Electro-music, Sputnik modular, 4MS, Malekko, Folktek, Mordax, and more as we get into the second grouping in the distance. We also see a bit of the Arturia MiniBrute 2 and Moog Mother-32. A fuller accounting can be found in the tags.

Chinook and Moog Opus 3

Chinook is checking out his latest patch on the Moog Opus 3 by playing a low D. Submitted by Andy Excuse via our Facebook page.

We also have a more styled version of the photo.

The Opus 3 may not be the most well-known of Moog’s classic instruments, but it is a great little synth and very accessible, with separate sections for Strings, Brass, and Organ, each with its own Moog-style VCF. It’s been used by some famous bands we admire, including Kraftwerk and Stereolab.

Loki and Polymoog

Loki sits comfortably atop a vintage Polymoog synthesizer. From aagtive on Instagram, who provides the following commentary:

Been using the Polymoog keyboard more lately. I’m finding on its’ own it’s rather limited. But the rock organ bass with the filter on can be be quite strong and effective. Also, by building an audio effect rack even the piano preset can become something quite interesting like you heard on my previous post.

Each note has its own circuit board apparently. Perhaps that’s part of the charm. I also enjoy the wobbly sounds I get when it’s first powered on and hasn’t had time to warm up yet.

I did have the opportunity to see those boards on the inside of a Polymoog recently.