Weekend Cat Blogging: Luna and Kitty Grass

With a major performance safely behind us, and a whole week until the next one, this weekend is an opportunity to catch up on enjoying simple things. For Luna, that means enjoying some kitty grass.

Luna loves her kitty grass, as we have posted before. But’s been a while since we featured it here on CatSynth.

We recently found that one of our local grocery stores is once again carrying the Rosy’s, the brand of kitty grass featuring a cat that looks just like Luna. As if it was made especially for her.

This photo was taken with the “Foodie Pak” lens, film and flash presets on the iPhone Hipstamatic app. Although it was originally designed for photographing delectables from urban food trucks and late-night pop-up stands, we thought it would work well for a feline treat.

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Weekend Cat Blogging: Grass!

It seems like a fine weekend to enjoy some grass:

“Rosy’s” is our favorite brand, in part because of the little black cat on the tag. It has appeared previously on this site.

Luna had been obsessed lately with the grass growing the flower pots on our patio, so it seemed like she was really craving it. Perhaps this is a trait picked up from our friend Mickey.

(A bit of trivia: the photos in this article are scaled to 420 pixels.)

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