Weekend Cat Blogging: Luna, Modernist Cat

For Weekend Cat Blogging, we have a photo of Luna once again posing with our modernist decor at CatSynth HQ. Don’t you think she would make a great model for Dwell?

As with most shots of Luna, this one was by chance. She sat down on the corner of the Le Corbusier-knockoff sofa and I managed to grab the iPad and snap a photo of her. No effects or processing, just a straight photo.

Luna also gave us a bit of a scare last weekend. I got home from one of my performances to find her quite sick with some sort of stomach problem, scary enough that we went to the emergency vet for the first time. (Whenever one sees red associated with one’s cat, it’s a major warning sign.) Fortunately, she seems to have recovered well and is back to her normal self. I still don’t know what happened, but I am grateful that she is fine now.

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