Fun with stats: 100th Anniversary of Mother's Day

From the Associated Press:

55 percent of mothers are between the ages of 15 and 44.

81 percent of women between the ages of 40 and 44 are mothers. In 1976, 90 percent of women in that age group were mothers.

94.1 births per 1,000 is the number of births in Utah in 2006, the nation's highest. Vermont was the lowest with 52.2. West Virginia's was 58.3

10.4 million single mothers live with children younger than 18, up from 3.4 million in 1970.

83 percent of mothers who went back to work within a year of their child's birth returned to the same employer.

5.6 million is the number of stay-at-home moms in 2006.

Wordless Wednesday: 756

Wordless Wednesday and Fun with Stats: site usage July 2007

(Click to enlarge)

And we have a winner (or two, or three)

Well, the visitor counter passed 15000 sometime after 9PM tonight.

And the winner is…well, it looks like it might be a tie (possibly a three-way tie). I'll announce names once I've successfully contacted and verified everyone.

How could there possibly be a tie for the 15000th visitor, you ask? Well, it looks like the counter might have a bit of an issue, especially for sites with a fair amount of traffic. I run a version of sphpblog, slightly tuned and modified for my own needs/interests. Indeed, that's how I was able to program in the “contest” to declare a winner when the counter hit 15000. However, the counter seems to have stayed at 15000 over three visits from three unique IP addresses, which resulted in a “tie.”

I have gone through the site logs to verify this; and I will honor the prize for each of the people who can legitimately claim to have “won.”

As for the counter, I will either have to write my own to replace the current one, or use one of those outside services. It looks like the total visits for CatSynth may have been severely undercounted because of this, and I might try some simple statistics to get a better estimate. Note that this only affects the internal site counter, not any of the outside services, like “Top 100s”, or ads.

Certainly a reminder to question the reliability of some other electronic counters out there:

Fun with stats: lolstats

Visitor 15000 Contest

Well, we are rapidly approaching visit 15,000. Not bad for a blog with such an esoteric theme that has provoked reactions like “now there is officially a website for everything.”

In honor of this milestone, we are planning to award the 15,000th visitor a free copy of my CD Aquatic and a $10 donation to the charity of his or her choice.

At the current rate, I would suspect 15000 will occur either Friday or Saturday, but it might be sooner. And RSS subscribers don't count, it's got to be a visit to this site that is logged for the counter. I just programmed in the award logic, so I know.

Good luck, and keep reading!

Fun with stats: search strings for April

The 20 most common search strings (out of 376 total) for the first week of April that lead people to CatSynth and my other websites:

1 22 3.49% mondrian
2 15 2.38% crazy cats
3 15 2.38% new world trade center
4 8 1.27% parabola
5 6 0.95% new world trade centers
6 5 0.79% New World Trade Center
7 5 0.79% betta splendens
8 5 0.79% breeding fighting fish
9 5 0.79% fishy
10 5 0.79% the new world trade center-
11 4 0.63% The Sphere WT-
12 4 0.63% black cat
13 4 0.63% cats fighting
14 4 0.63% cats musical
15 4 0.63% circuit bending
16 4 0.63% panther animal
17 4 0.63% piet mondrian
18 4 0.63% the new world trade center
19 4 0.63% vtech phone circuit bent
20 3 0.48% Mondrian

Up until this month, “Mondrian” in various combinations has topped the list, because of my popular Mondrian Machine page I did several years ago. More searches are now leading directly to CatSynth, including the variations on “New World Trade Center.” That one is a bit surprising. I did a rather lengthy article on the fifth anniversary of 9/11, and apparently it places quite well in Google's image search. Go figure.

Fun with stats: Most popular car colors

This chart represents the most popular automotive colors for North America in 2004.

That is one fine-looking chart!

but which one is the new black?

Fun with Stats: CatSynth 2006 Year in Review

What better way to reflect upon the year than with marginally meaningful statistics?

The following table represents the frequency of tags in all 2006 articles on (except for this one). Tags are either those funny words at the bottom of every post or the category names that follow the dateline at the top of every post.

With 285 distinct tags during 2006, it is rather difficult to show them all in the graph above. However, most are only used once. As can be seen in the following pie chart (hey, who doesn't love a good pie chart?), the top 15 tags account for almost 50%:

Here are the top 33 tags for 2006:

cats			85
synthesizers 54
news 34
music 33
luna 26
weekend cat blogging 20
worthless kitty 17
kitty 17
art 17
wcb 14
new orleans 9
photography 9
experimental 8
electronic music 8
lebanon 7
modernism 7
osw 6
emulator x 6
stats 6
kitties 6
e-mu 5
beirut 5
fun with stats 5
podcast 5
jazz 4
computer music 4
analog 4
improvisation 4
open sound world 4
funk 4
sculpture 4
mathematics 4
resonance 4

Happy New Year!

Fun with stats: Holiday Edition

From John Battelle's Searchblog, we have some self-described “fun stats for the holiday:”

If you were expecting something more directly apropos of the holiday season, consider a few of these gems courtesy of New American Dream:

* A typical middle income family earning around $45,000 a year saw its debt burden grow by 33.1% between 2001 and 2004, even after adjusting for inflation.

* Recent statistics show that in November of 2003 54% of consumers were still paying off credit card debt left over from the previous holiday season.

* The amount of household garbage in the United States generally increases by 25 percent between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, from 4 million tons to 5 million tons.

* 50 million Christmas trees are purchased in the U.S. Of those, 30-plus million get carted to the landfill every year.

* The National Mental Health Association cites the financial stresses of the holiday season as one cause of the ?holiday blues? which, for many, transforms the holidays into a time of anxiety and depression.

So folks, lay off the credit card debt for a bit, and spend some more time with your family and friends, both furry and not so furry.

Maybe give a little something to your local animal shelter, too. You can find shelters and other organizations near you on Petfinder.