Getting Ready for “Play Ball!”, Arc Gallery

“Play Ball!” at Arc Gallery and Studios is a multimedia show about women’s passion for baseball bringing together artists Amanda Chaudhary, Mido Lee and Priscilla Otani. The installation was a true collaboration brought together our respective talents in physical object making, electronics, software, sound, and photography.

One of the more challenging aspects was the interactive sound installation, which was to be installed a series of columns representing the bases on a standard baseball diamond. Four sound sets were composed based on field recordings made at Bay Area games and installed on an Arduino-based system for playback. The electronics included the Arduino itself, a Wave Shield from Adafruit for sound playback, and several motion sensors.


The sensors and main electronics package were installed in spheres made from baseball scorecards.


Programming the devices, installing them into the physical space, and then testing and debugging was an incremental, iterative, and at times grueling process. But through repeated efforts and understanding the interaction of sensors, wiring, and our software code we ultimately made it work.

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[Photos by Priscilla Otani]

Within the final installation, viewers can explore the bases and the surrounding life-size images representing the diversity of women at baseball games. As viewers pass by individual bases, different sounds will be triggered, creating an immersive sound, space, and visual experience.


“Play Ball!” opens at Arc Gallery and Studios on Friday, April 3. In keeping with the theme, traditional stadium fare (including hot dogs and peanuts) will be served.

SF Giants Parade

By chance, I managed to have a great third-floor view of the victory parade for the San Francisco Giants along Market Street, courtesy of friends in the art/music community. It was not an opportunity to be passed up, despite the crowds below. Here are a few of my photos:

Wordless Wednesday: 756

The races

Here is the round-up of the various races I'm watching this month:

Click for electoral-vote dot com

Click for electoral-vote dot com

Series: Mets 1, St. Louis 1

Thu, 12 Oct: Mets 2, STL 0
Fri, 13-Oct: STL 9, Mets 6

I was hoping for another Subway series, but a Democratic majority in Congress is a nice consolation prize…

UPDATE: The Mets have pulled even at 2-2 with a rout on Sunday. Nothing so dramatic on the political scorecard over the weekend.