Weekend Cat Blogging: The Heat

The temperature hit 97F (35C) yesterday, which is exceptionally hot for San Francisco. Felt great to me, but it's a bit too much for the ketzela.

Here we see Luna trying to beat the heat resting under her new favorite table:

Even in the heat, she seems to have a sense of style. And fun. Note the cardboard furniture box to the left. Luna has always been fond of cardboard boxes, and this new one is no exception. Lots of fun for the teeth and claws, especially when you don't have to move far to reach it.

Like we said, this has been an exceptionally warm few days. It is famously cold and foggy during the summer months (June, July and August), though less so in our neighborhood. But it has been delightful to spend warm evenings out on the patio; and that “incipient warmth” in the morning, where the air still has a chill but one can feel it disappearing quickly. And with the energy of the city all around us…

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