Weekend Cat Blogging #181: More Luna in Exile

As the construction at CatSynth HQ drags on longer and longer, Luna remains at her home away from home. I go to visit her quite often, and she is usually happy and excited by my arrival. Here is one of her many greetings, she has gotten quite good at standing on her hind legs to head-butt:

She is quite active and social, and enjoys cruising the hallways. Also playing in her own room:

and especially looking down from her alcove:

This is often where she sits as I leave, peering through the outer door at me. These visits are both joyous and melancholy. It would be better to be back at home. But I do know she is being well cared for, and is happy and healthy.

There is a radio on in the cats’ area, usually tuned one of our many pop-music stations. Usually, I don’t notice it much, but when I’m sitting on the concrete floors and some R&B from the 1960s or 1970s comes on, the whole image feels “right.” Again, quite melancholy, but still somehow positive, something out of a story I haven’t bothered to write down…

I do try to keep these visits as unmediated as possible, and often don’t bring the camera at all. But today is one of those days that I did. Of course, I couldn’t resist taking a few city photos in the waning November-afternoon sun. It’s been a little while since I have done that.

We’re going to take a break for the holidays, and hopefully after that we’ll be back in our real homes, at both the reconstructed CatSynth site and the reconstructed CatSynth HQ.

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