Weekend Cat Blogging #230: Hallowe’en Black Cat Edition!

Luna welcomes everyone to Weekend Cat Blogging #230. As has become an annual tradition here at CatSynth, we are hosting the Hallowe’en Edition in celebration of black cats.

Hallowe’en can be a difficult time for any cat, with kids and mischief-making and such. But it can be exceptionally hard for black cats. Hallowe’en traditions for celebrating the dark, macabre, and scary collide with the (primarily American) superstition that black cats are bad luck. You can read an interesting article on the history and mythology surrounding black cats:

On our cat forum recently, I asked the members what they thought of when they heard the words “black cat.” Being true cat lovers, they answered that the following words come to mind: mysterious, alluring, beautiful, playful, elegant and gorgeous. But when non-cat owners are asked the same question on another internet forum they come up with these words: bad luck, witches familiar, evil, demonic, mean, spooky and Halloween… So you can see the superstition lives on even today.

Indeed, many shelters block adoption of black cats in the weeks immediately before and after Hallowe’en, some blocking adoptions for the entire month of October. However, this practice is not without its controversy, as suggested in this recent article. But as Kathy Covey’s cat blog suggests, black cats can have a hard time being adopted at any time of the year.

However, we at CatSynth, and we suspect many of our readers, fall into the category who see black cats as alluring, beautiful and elegant – and of course, playful as well. And with that, we invite all our feline friends to join us in celebration of cats this Hallowe’en.

To participate, please leave a link to your post as a comment, and we will add you to the round-up throughout the weekend.

The Kitty Limericks blog featured black cats during the week leading up to Halloween, and on Friday Karen Jo composed and posted a limerick for Luna!

Luna’s a black cat with eyes of green —
One of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.
She loves her nip;
Goes on a trip.
Now she’s ready for Halloween.

Our friend Mickey is a bit nervous, but we’re pretty sure it has very little to do with being a black cat on Hallowe’en. Visit Mickey, Georgia and Tillie to find out more.

Hallowe’en of course features costumes, and Raymond is enjoying a Hello Kitty costume, i.e., by mauling and drooling on it rather than wearing it.

Hallowe’en is also about treats, and Jules enjoys banana popsicles. Vincent seems to prefer the more conventional mouse toy.

One needs a bag to tote all those treats, and the Criz Cats remind us to use bags responsibly. Reusable bags are the best option for Hallowe’en treats and all your carrying-stuff-around needs.

At sidewalk shoes, Patchouli says Happy Hallowe’en to everyone while remaining safely inside her screened-in porch. We at CatSynth definitely recommend that cats stay indoors this weekend.

Conventionally speaking, Hallowe’en treats are candy. But the cats over at Friends FurEver think that tuna makes a better treat that candy. I suspect that Luna agrees.

Hallowe’en is associated with autumn colors (including the iconic orange), and Ernie’s black fur complements the fall colors perfectly in this photo.

Salome (in black silhouette) has a “trick or treat” plan of her own at Paulchens FoodBlog?!

Our fellow “house panther” Mr. Hendrix (or perhaps his evil alter-ego Bendrix) and the “blurpy boy” wish everyone a Happy Hallowe’en! Seems like there ready to go and enjoy the unique holiday nightlife.