Weekend Cat Blogging #275

For Weekend Cat Blogging, some more photos:

Here we see Luna in mid-step in her favorite area for morning sunshine.  I like capturing her in mid motion.  The lines and curves of her limbs match the chrome bars on the chairs.

The extreme hours at my new job have been continuing, including this weekend.  And while I like the work I’m doing, the prolonged intensity is taking its toll.  But I am noticing that it is taking a toll on Luna as well.  She is a bit more stressed, although from her relaxed poses it would be hard to notice:

Spending time with Luna and working with these images, even if only for a few minutes, is a form of relief.

As mentioned in the previous article, the Peninsula Human Society and SPCA is working to help the animal victims and their human companions who were affected by the devastating fire in the nearby town of San Bruno this Thursday. Please visit their website to find out more.

Weekend Cat Blogging #275 will be hosted by LB and Breadchick at The Sour Dough.

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