Weekend Cat Blogging #295

Weekend Cat Blogging #295 will be hosted by…wait, it’s being hosted by us!

Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB) is a weekly event where bloggers share entries about cats, whether or not cats are the focus of their blogs.  We welcome longtime participants and newcomers.  If you would like to participate, please leave a comment below or tweet us @catsynth with hashtag #wcb.  We will add you to the roundup, which will appear below.

We are excited to have several first-time participants this week  First up, we have a visit from Catsparella where they are having their own Caturday roundup, featuring several cats including Miah, pictured above.

Aurelia from the blog Modern Woman also joins us for the first time with a post featuring Poppy, the neighbors’ kitten.  Poppy is very cute, but apparently not supposed to be in the garden. “As cute as she is, would you want to mess with the claws behind that face?”

Over at The Accidental English Teacher we have Oliver poking his head into the frame and wondering what could possibly be more interesting to look at than him.

Over at Pam’s Sidewalk Shoes, Patchouli demonstrates the fine art of napping.  And she does so in such tasteful surroundings.  On a side note, Pam and the cats are longtime participants, and several of the new participants this week found their way to CatSynth through them.

From Create With Joy, we have this expressive and detailed photograph of Tsunami.  Follow the link to see the full-sized version.  Meanwhile, Legend comments on the latest pantry items.

Uh oh, it looks like Clementine is being a bad kitty.  But it also looks like Samantha is ready on defense.  See the whole drama unfold at Life from a Cat’s Perspective.  (I have to admit, I was hoping for at least one combative post after finding out my #WCB hashtag on twitter is also being used for a boxing match.)

At Herman’s Hideaway, Herman is displeased with his busy mom.  This apparently involves the appearance of both the area vacuum (aka the “sucky monster”), but also the feline vacuum (aka the “furminator”).

I have to admit, I’m a little envious of the picture of Elvira, Nikita and their dad sharing a bed on a lazy Friday.  They look so relaxed.

Oh dear, “The Boys” and Karen over at Kittens ‘n Things had quite a few scares.  First, Bowie had a scary moment with his asthma.  Then, as they describe in the comments below, there was an explosion and fire in a neighbor’s garage.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Conrad is one of the many cats from PAWS in Norwalk, Connecticut, featured on Animal Volunteer Shelter Life.  He is apparently quite well read and keeps up with current events in the newspaper.  We hope he finds a permanent home soon.

Finally, we have this question from Mama Grace and Company: is Audace a cat in the manager? Look at the picture above and follow the link and decide for yourself.

That concludes Weekend Cat Blogging (for now).  Next week, we will be hosting Carnival of the Cats.