Weekend Cat Blogging #319

Our foggy, overcast summer days in San Francisco make for great cat photography:

Luna enjoys looking out the window, and a nice stretch.

Weekend Cat Blogging #319 is in honor of Sher, one of the original WCB participants we met back in 2006, who tragically passed away in July, 2008. Like many longtime participants, Sher was primarily a food blogger, and in tribute we made one of her recipes. Between work, music and social events we haven’t had much time to cook here at CatSynth HQ – and as I look back through the archives, that has happened each July since 2009. But we will make time this summer to try out a new recipe and share it on an upcoming weekend.

Weekend Cat Blogging #319 and Carnival of the Cats will be hosted this weekend by Billy SweetFeets.

And the friday ark is at the modulator.