Weekend Cat Blogging: Luna encounters the Skatchbox

Those who read yesterday’s review of Music of Invention concert encountered Tom Nunn’s musical invention, the Skatchbox. Today, Luna discovered this instrument for herself:

I chose this model of the limited-edition mini-Skatchboxes made specifically for the concert because of its visual aesthetics. It reminds me a bit of paintings of Kandinsky. As for the sound, it can make a variety of loud noisy timbrally rich sounds. They were a bit new to Luna’s ears:

I literally just scratched the surface (no pun intended). I wouldn’t yet play this in a formal musical setting. But it is loud, and a somewhat sneaky way to participate in this week’s Saturday Photo Hunt on the theme LOUD. Here is another image of Luna with the Skatchbox using the new America pack in the Hipstamatic app.

Those who have regularly seen my photos know I tend to prefer crisp images with high contrast, whether from the Hisptamatic or the DSLR. But this one seemed to work best blurred. And Luna was not going to cooperate for another take.

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