Weekend Cat Blogging #87: Let's crack open a window!

The warm weekend here in California continues, and that's enough to give anyone a happy tail!

Actually, Luna often has a happy tail. But it's still extra fun when she gets to take in the sights, sounds and smells of a warm “spring” day through an open window. In fact, we at CatSynth are having a serious case of spring fever and opening all the windows today. Trying to rid our abode of the stale and bitter airs of this exceptional winter. Begone with ye, cruel season of pain and dispair!

Scamper over to Rosa's Yummy Yums for more Weekend Cat Blogging with fellow black kitty Maruschka as well as Fridolin and Rosa.

We're up for hosting next week here at CatSynth, so we'll leave all the windows open for our feline friends…

Crack open a window!