Weekend Cat Blogging #89: V-day with Luna

A close friend of ours sent Luna this card for Valentine's day. Here we see her coming forward to inspect her new offering.

The card reads “For a Sweet Girl…”, and that she is!

Of course, for me and those who have come to know Luna in real life and online, her identity and gender are completely intertwined. I am curious if people would recognize her as a “sweet girl” if not for name and narrative, however. This speaks to the interesting idea of how we humans recognize gender in other animals, and thus in ourselves.

Anyhow, for more cute cats with less social/philisophical drivel, visit Weekend Cat Blogging #89, which is being hosted by…well, it looks like did not have an official host designated this weekend. But kitechnmage, Trubble and Drago have graciously offered to host this weekend. Looking at the URL, I was hoping to see “cats too L.A.”, but it's just “cats too lazy…” We at CatSynth wouldn't want to accused of conflating the two, though…