More Cats and Synthesizers

It looks like some others out there had the same idea. Check out this post at Create Digital Music featuring photos of animals with synthesizers. While the author is an admitted dog person, there are several cute cat pics, including this one from the Matrixsynth blog:

The synthesizer in this photo is the legendary and all-too-appropriate Octave CAT.

Also at Matrixsynth is Arak and Legion. Arak is handsome black cat, like Luna but with yellow eyes, more like a Bombay. Matrix also has an adorable shot of his black cat JD with a Sequential Circuits Multitrak. Check it out, it looks like he's actually reviewing patch specs.

Sadly, it sounds like Arak has passed away and JD isn't doing very well. My heart goes out to Matrix, Legion and their kitties. Our animal companions truly share our lives, even our odd hobbies.

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