Cats on Tuesday: Diggy and Slicky

We visit again this Tuesday with Diggy and her buddy Ein Slicky Vömel from Jacksin Music.

We posted a photo of Diggy and the Access Virus two weeks ago. It generated quite a few comments, including a question from Jewelgirl on how Diggy got her name. This week, Jackson responds with Diggy’s story:

I think she’s the sweetiest-meatiest k-mow ever. She got her real name when I got her 2 years ago (her name was Gracie but she didn’t respond to it so I felt a change was in order). This puffy Siberian k-mow always digs her face onto my fingers/knuckles (Diggy) and is so fluffy & overweight (at the time) & she looked like a massive pillow (Malow) & when she’d eat she was so round she looked like a huge ball (Ball) & that’s how she got the name Diggy Malow Ball.

She’s about 6 years old now & I only hope I have her for as long as I can. Diggy loves to take residence on my lap or bed & curl up to my gear yet is overwhelmingly respectful to avoid my keyboard & tv remote. The perfect cat IMO:)

I got a buddy for her, Ein Slicky Vömel, but that’s another story…

And we conclude with a photo of Ein Slicky Vömel, with the Virus of course.

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My kitten plays better keyboards than me

YouTube via hamsterdunce, posted at matrixsynth:

An outtake of a recent video interview I made for when my Himalayan kitten (Dusty) steals the show and starts playing synth music behind me that actually sounds pretty friggin’ good. That jerk. It’s bad enough that he’s better looking, but I figured I at least had all the talent up in here’s.”

And this YouTube response from stretta:

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CatSynth pic: Mimì and DX200

From our friend polynominal, some new photos of Mimì:

This time Mimì is posing with a Yamaha DX200. This was one of the last of the Yahama FM synths, and the first one to add filters, a built-in sequencer and rhythm, and other features we usually associate with a modern stand-alone synthesizer instrument.

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Octave CAT, and more classic Synth Ads, and a Poll

This ad for the Octave CAT is one of many classic synthesizer ads from the 1970s and early 1980s on display in a new gallery at polynominal, the home of frequent contributors Mimì and Eric Pochesci.

They have quite a collection, with over 180 pictures. It is definitely worth a look, not only for those interested in old synths, but anyone either nostalgic or fascinated by that era.

They also have a poll for the the most ugly synth ad. And they have some really good candidates for this illustrious title. I did vote for one that definitely stood out, at least for me. See if you can figure out which one it was. Hint, it is probably the most “Republican” (US) synth ad I've seen…