Weekend Cat Blogging #65: Luna in stained glass then and now

WCB this week is being hosted by Bonnie Loves Cats, featuring Darlin' Darla, a purebred Himalayan kitty who is available for adoption in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Last August (2005), I got a great shot of Luna basking in the light from our stained glass window:

This is one of the images featured on my Art Photography page, which definitely needs to be updated with some recent (and not so recent) selections.

This August, I managed to get a shot of her in nearly the same spot by the window again:

It's amazing to see how she's grown up in a year. But she'll always be a kitten to me.

One thought on “Weekend Cat Blogging #65: Luna in stained glass then and now

  1. Hello!
    I guess Clare and Kiri are still taking it easy…. and so I volunteer to host this weekend!
    Drop me your links at [url=mailto:sweetsarahj@gmail.com]sweetsarahj@gmail.com[/url]. Or leave a comment at [url=http://chefsarahjane.blogspot.com/]http://chefsarahjane.blogspot.com/[/url]

    Looking forward to all your kitty links!


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