Weekend Cat Blogging #116: Luna in stained glass 2007

For the past three summers, I have photographed Luna basking in the glow of the morning light through our stained-glass window. You can see her previous photos here, from 2005 and 2006. Her new stained-glass photos are below:

These were actually taken on separate days, one in July and one in August, which demonstrates not only Luna's fondness for this spot of colored light, but her photogenic nature. I am very proud of her in these photos.

Weekend Cat Blogging #116 is being hosted by our friends at Belly Timber. I really like the new graphics.

The Bad Kitty Cat festival of Chaos will be held by Pet and the Bengal Brats at Pet's Garden Blog.

The venerable Carnival of the Cats will be hosted at The Scratching Post. I like this “busniess case for kindness” thing…

And of course Friday Ark #153 will be where it always is, at The Modulator.

Jezebel is missing.

As if our friends Megan and the Bad Kitty Cats didn't have enough to go through already, Jezebel has gone missing.

Jezebel is tortie cat that Megan rescued several years ago after being thrown out the window of a moving car onto a highway. This isn't the first time we've encountered this phenomenon, remember Bruno, the “LBK”? It's hard to comprehend why someone would do that – it is just pure cruelty. Fortunately, Jezebel was recused and found a loving home with Megan and family. We hope she comes home soon.

WCB 101: Video tribute for TeaCup, and Kitty Love

Megan and family have put together this wonderful video entitled Good Night Sweet TeaCup

Very sweet and touching, and also quite amusing at times. I particularly love the pictures of him sitting inside the red fish bowl.

This tribute to TeaCup seems a fitting segue into Weekend Cat Blogging #101. He was in our thoughts a week ago during WCB100, and now a week later we remember him and keep his family in our thoughts. We have seen so many in this online community come together around this one little soul. He was indeed more than “just a cat.” As all our little animal companions are. They are family, we enjoy and honor them in life, and grieve for them when they pass. How could it be any other way? It's sad that some people refuse to accept or celebrate that. The recent pet-food contaminations have added to the sense that our animal companions are precious, and also served to remind others in society of their value. I hope that Luna and I will have many years together before we need to think about such matters ourselves, and in the meantime I am proud to “love my kitty” here in this public forum. She certainly deserves no less.

The recent pic on the left was taken with the built-in webcam on my MacBook, I was probably posting something to CatSynth at the time.

And of course, check out the other cats who are very much loved at Weekend Cat Blogging 101. This weekend's roundup is being hosted by Sher, Upsie and Sundance, who remind us all to be good to our mothers this Mothers Day weekend. We at CatSynth will be making the call back to New York on Sunday. Mmmm, Sher and friends have some delicious looking cheese, too.

And don't forget that all CD sales in May will benefit the family of TeaCup and Bad Kitty Cats. Please help support them and support new music at the same time. I will post this info to the right-side column so it won't get lost in the depths of blogging.

Sad News: TeaCup

We just got the sad news, TeaCup passed away this evening.

At 9:12 tonite Dr. Duke called and said TeaCup was gone… Thank you to everyone who purred and prayed for my sweet baby. He isn't suffering now, but the pain is so great in my heart. TeaCup was special, and he will be missed dearly.

We've only briefly known TeaCup over the past two weeks or so, and he's gone just as we were getting to know him. It's a reminder to value the time with your friends and family. I'm certainly spending extra time with Luna right now.

You can leave your condolences for Megan and The Bad Kitty Cats here. We are also going to continue our CD offer to help support them.

UPDATE: A really lovely rememberance at the Cat Blogosphere by Sophia with a great poem and photo.

Teacup's race against time, and CD sales to benefit his family.

Our little friend Teacup isn't doing very well, and Megan says it's a race against time. He continues to receive surgeries to combat his gangrene infection, but now he has been diagnosed with the parasite Hemobartonekka Felis, which essentially destroys red blood cells. He received a blood transfusion, and now is attempting to recover from that in addition to his infection and surgeries. He is but a shadow of his former handsome self.

You can read more about Teacup's struggles, and the efforts being made to save him, and all the warm thoughts from other humans and cats being sent his way.

We also continue to send him our thoughts and hope he recovers. A sad truth, however, is that whatever happens, there will be huge vet bills for Megan and the rest of TeaCup's family. Several auctions are helping to raise money for his bills. You can find out more at the Cat Blogopshere, where you can also donate directly.

We are also going to donate all proceeds from CD sales during the month of May, so please do consider helping out if you enjoy both new music and animal companions. This will cover both direct sales and sales via CDBaby. Unfortunately, we cannot include digital download sales, it just is too complicated to manage. Click on the CD cover to the left for more info (I will update the page tonight with benefit info).

WCB100: TeaCup

A serious note to accompany Weekend Cat Blogging #100. TeaCup at “Bad Kitty Cats”, has been very ill. He suffered an unknown injury to his leg that became infected, and he has had several operations to remove the infected tissue. He has been very tired and weak, and is currently back in the hospital. We learned about TeaCup through Weekend Cat Blogging and we've been sending our thoughts to him and Megan, and hope other readers will do the same. Fellow WCB'ers Pet's Garden Blog are holding an art auction for TeaCup and Megan, and he is among the animals supported this week at the pet prayers and praise blog.

We at CatSynth hope that TeaCup gets well soon.