Weekend Cat Blogging #70: Cat in a Box

This weekend's hosts, Boots, Tess and D at The Hidden Paw, have challenged us to produce Cat-in-a-Box submissions for WCB 70. That's not too hard for us, as Luna is quite fond of boxes:

In the photo above, she is caught in the act of chewing on pieces of her favorite box from Ikea. This is one of her guilty pleasures in life.

Here, we have Luna encountering an Amazon box in the hallway. I wonder how that got there…

Visit the round-up for more adorable pictures of cats in boxes, bags, and other sundry containers.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #70: Cat in a Box

  1. Very cute! I love Luna as she reminds me of our black kitty when she was younger and a little more slender, he, he!…

    I would also like to let you know that, next week, the festivities will move to Switzerland as I will be hosting the WCB #71, so don't forget to send me your permalinks via e-mail (grandchamp@gmx.ch) or to leave a detailed comment on my blog. See you next week, then!!!

  2. I bet Luna won't be bored with boxes around to play with. Does she have her favourite type of box, ie – flat (shown in the first pic) vs deep (amazon)? She's such a cutie!

  3. No arguments on her cuteness. I think the flat box is definitely her favorite, it has so many functions, safe zone, mat, scratcher, chew toy…what more does one need? 🙂

  4. Luna is furry purrty! I don't blame her fur checkin out the strange new box in the hallway. Ya gotta make sure it's not an alien trap if they just shows up outta nowhere!

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