CatSynth video: Apu the "Acid Cat"

Gustavo (aka “audioel” on YouTube) submitted this rather appropriate (and very cute) video:

Apu really likes the TB-303 acid sounds of the Future-Retro Revolution demos

Of course, he is a cat and tries to use “kitty science” uncover the source of the sound, but to no avail.

Looks like the laptop is a black macbook, similar (or the same) as the one I got last December. I'm wondering whether the tb303 track is just a recording, or a softsynth running on the macbook.

2 thoughts on “CatSynth video: Apu the "Acid Cat"

  1. The 303 sounds are the demos on the Future Retro site for their Revolution 303 emulator. One of which is on its way to me right as we speak. 🙂

  2. Cool. Did you get a chance to see [url=]another feline fan[/url] of Future retro while you were here?

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