LBK in Nashville needs a home

From our friend kitikata-san Weekend Cat Blogging 90 comes the story of LBK (Little Black Kitty) in Nashville. According to kitikata-san's human companion:

This little black kitty (LBK) was found in the middle of a very busy intersection of Wedgewood and 12 Ave. South in Nashville during rush hour. He had been hit by a car, or tossed out of a car. I stopped and a woman stopped to help LBK, and we took LBK to the vet. LBK is in a fantastic foster care situation now, so LBK can heal up, and get the remaining course of antibiotics. Amazingly, the vet said that LBK has no broken bones, only some trauma to his face.

Doesn't he look a bit like Luna in that photo?

LBK turns out to be a really sweet cat (seems like many little black shorthair cats have an exceptionally sweet disposition), enjoying lots of cuddling and pets, and purring. He also is quite healthy (outside of the whole getting hit by a car thing), neutered and apparently well cared for. All this adds up to the conclusion that he was someone's beloved companion. So what happened? Perhaps he simply got out and got lost, as seems to happen all too often. I also can't shake the idea from kitikata's human that he may have been “tossed out of car.” How could someone do that to such a sweet, loving, creature?

In any case, we hope LBK finds a good home, or is reunited with his original family. If anyone reading is in the Nashville area and interested in LBK, follow the “related link” below.

3 thoughts on “LBK in Nashville needs a home

  1. I once took in a cat that looked just like that and was also hit by a car – a truck actually. He flipped through the tires. We thought he was a goner. We took him to the vet and they said he a 10% chance of making it. We thought what others would want us to do if it was our cat so we saved him. We took him home, put flyers up but no one claimed him so we kept him. His name was Leo. He was a cool cat. : ) Unfortunately diabetes got him in the end.

  2. Oh Luna and Catsynth, THANK YOU SO MUCH for reposting Little Black Kitty's story. Please keep your best thought for LBK for getting a loving home with enough "lap time" to purr and sleep. LBK loves sitting on his foster's lap for hours to be petted, to purr and to sleep. He is so gentle and loving. I think h e is quite a bit like Luna, your kitty. The only difference between Luna and LBK is that LBK has lots of road rash on his face, his fur is still a bit messy. One day, after he heals, he will be has beautiful as Luna!

  3. Today we put our LBK to sleep. He had cancer in his mouth that had spread and was incurable. Pobrecito, poor thing, Little Black Kitty was a survivor for many years. He was abandoned by his previous owners and hung around the neighborhood, waiting for some love. Eventually he overcame his fear of our dog, and we would feed him makerel every morning. In the morning he was shy, but at night he would cuddle with you on the couch. He was always thin, and when he was feeling sexy, he would stick out his tounge. We love LBK and he will be missed. JWH in Miami.

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