Theremin Cats

From Brian Sacawa: Sounds Like Now:

The context for this picture is Sacawa's lament that early theremin virtuosi concentrated on trying to get the instrument to play traditional western tonal music, rather than exploring the radically new ways of organizing pitch and structure afforded by the instrument. This is indeed something that concerns me about many of the efforts going on to “de-experimentalize” computer music and simply turn it into another tool for traditional classical or popular forms. The great promise of electronic instruments is to allow people to break with the traditions of acoustic music. But Sacawa concludes:

Maybe if more cats–unlike humans, who are so grounded in western tonal music–played the theremin we might witness the instrument's full potential.

And thus we have theremin-playing cats.

Check out this feline thereminist from YouTube:

3 thoughts on “Theremin Cats

  1. No apologies needed on that one – I've been thinking up lolcat captions for that photo myself 😉

  2. the mewsician is very talented and gifted.

    maybe she got to attend a mewsic school or camp?

    LOL on the previous comment, from mick.

    thanks to all for brightening up the day!

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