Weekend Cat Blogging #105, Part 2 – Gotcha Day (June 10)

Today we celebrate the second anniversary of “Gotcha Day”, the day that Luna was adopted. Please see Part 1, with photos from Luna's first day in her new home two years ago.

Well, she's all grown up now, and sitting at the bar ready to celebrate:

Besides getting to eat at the bar, which is generally verboten, we have a special culinary treat for the occasion. Who needs cheezburger when you can has ahi tuna sashimi?

Luna was definitely interested in checking out the fishy goodness, but after a few sniffs, licks and nibbles she lost interest. One thing about Luna is that she is a very picky eater. So its a lot like taking a kid to a fancy restaurant for something special, only to have him/her insist on their favorite comfort foods like macaroni and cheese. Fortunately, I love tuna sashimi and helped myself to all but three of her pieces, which I let her keep for later.

Luna could probably learn a thing or two about the pleasures of fresh raw tuna from Upsie, who is again hosting hosting WCB again along with sher. Update: you can see the big WCB roundup here.

Of course, we all still love Luna even if she is a picky eater…

hey, Luna Tuna, that rhymes!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #105, Part 2 – Gotcha Day (June 10)

  1. I think Luna being a picky eater is a good sign because she is comfortable enough around you to be picky! And she also knows that you will love her, no matter if she's picky or not!

    I liked reading Luna's Gotcha story – it's always lovely to see a kitty be taken in by a loving human. And she does get the royal treatment – she gets tuna and sits at the bar! What a lucky kitty! She is very lucky to have such a wonderful human! 🙂

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