CatSynth pic: Francesca with Andromeda

Submitted by Ross Totino of Fans of Collision:

Fans of Collision is an interesting site with Flash-based music and visuals. I'm going to spend more time there later today…

These modulars have been showing up in several pics lately. What do people think of them, sound, quality, ease of use, etc?

2 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: Francesca with Andromeda

  1. Wow, thanks for picking my picture! What an honor! Sorry for the bad quality, I had to act quick with my crap camera. As far as the modular is concerned:

    It's part dotcom : 1 osc, 1 state variable filter, 1 ladder filter, VCA, and EG (so far)

    cgs/bride chamber : digital noise, Bi-n-tic filter, Wave Multiplier, dual LFO, Sub Octave.

    Blacet : StonZ Phaser with custom panel.

  2. You're quite welcome, Ross. We're happy to feature all cat-and-synth pictures here.

    Sounds like an interesting collection for your modular, ecclectic.

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