Nico, Alesis Electronic Drums and Guitars

Nico is the sibling of Hookah the Cat. He prefers electronic drums like the Alesis set we see in this photo. We also see an array of guitars on the wall and some plush animals – Nico fits right in with that arrangement.

Submitted by Darren Douglas Danahy via our Facebook page.

Nico prefers electronic drums and guitars to synthesizers, so I’m not sure if he qualifies for CatSynth – but he does have adoring fans as you can see.

He certainly does and we’re happy to welcome him here at CatSynth. And there is one more little fun fact about him:

Nico likes to steal the drum sticks and hide them from me

Nicolai, Korg Microsampler, Alesis Drums and Compressor

Nicholai sits comfortably in front of a Korg Microsampler and Alesis drum machine and compressor. He also happens to be the brother of Hookah the Cat, whom we have featured many times here on CatSynth.

From Darren Douglas Danahy via Facebook.

Hookah the Cat is always getting on the CatSynth page for playing on my keyboards… Nicolai however, likes to hang out on the other side of the room by the Alesis drums & compressor along with the Korg microsampler, Kustom guitar amp, and Roland guitar synth. He actually likes to take the drumsticks from the area and play with them.

Sounds like Nicolai is becoming quite the drummer in his own way 😹

Black Cat with Roland, Kawaii, Yamaha, Korg, and more

A beautiful black cat with green eyes (like our beloved Luna) sits atop an impressive stack of modules. We see a Yamaha TX81Z (which we also have), as well as a few offerings from Roland, Kawaii, Korg, alases, and more Yamaha. From endmusik_studios via Instagram.

New art for the studio, but it’ll have to wait until the intern finishes recabling everything

Winchester with Moog, Sequential, Strymon, Alesis

Winchester (the cat) clearly loves being in the studio with his human and all their gear. We two Moog Mother-32s and another Moog synth to the right; a Sequential Pro One, the unmistakable blue of the Strymon Big Sky, and a device from Alesis in the lower right.

Submitted by Craig P. Smith via our Facebook page.

My little buddy Winchester loves being in my studio!

We love seeing cats and their humans happy together like this.

Korg PSS-50 chord progression 2 with Alesis Midiverb (avant-prog/free improvisation edition)

This cat is hanging out during a complex-rhythm improvisation with a Korg PSS-50 and an Alesis Midiverb. From acreil on YouTube via matrixsynth.

You can make unusual time signatures by switching between patterns.

Chord progression:
First part: F m7, B m6, D M7, G# 7, A# m9, E 6, G m6, C# 9
Second part: C# m7, C M7, E m7, G M7, G# m7, B M7, A# m7, F# M7, F m7, E M7, D# m7, A M7
Third part: F M7, A m7, A# M7, B m7, D M7, F# m7, D# M7, D m7, C# M7, C m7, G# M7, G m

CatSynth Video: Sophie’s Cameo (Arturia Matrixbrute, Studiologic Sledge, Alesis Samplepad, more)

Submitted by Chrissie Caulfied via Twitter and YouTube.

Another garden-based synth jam to celebrate Stuart’s purchase of an Arturia Matrixbrute and Studiologic Sledge 2.0 Me: Elektron Digitone, Novation Circuit, Alesis Samplepad pro (rather badly at the start!)

Wait for Sophie to appear at 2:46 😸