Bad Kitty Chaos Festival #4

Luna and I welcome everyone to participate in Bad Kitty Chaos Festival, fourth edition. As Megan suggests, we are having an optional theme of Cats and Music:

To participate, you can [strinke] use the handy submission form, or leave us a comment right here on this post. We'll have the big roundup this Sunday!

UPDATE: Megan and the Bad Kitty Cats have another crisis on their hands. Biscuit is missing. We hope she is safe and comes home soon. In the meantime, please leave a comment instead of the submission form.

And lest we forget, it is also Weekend Cat Blogging #113 over at masak-masak, where Ms G the “elusive ginger kitty” hosts. Samantha and Tigger host this weekend's Carnival of the Cats; and of course the The Friday Ark is boarding at The Modulator.

6 thoughts on “Bad Kitty Chaos Festival #4

  1. Aloha – and how I wish I was in Hawaii for a vacation.. we should all go and enjoy Kitty Paradise!

    We have so many Music stories and we are gearing our post ready for Sunday.

    MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC – natural with Cats.

    They are the music makers of the world and the fantasy humans must retain for sanity. Thank Kitty Gods for Music and Cats and Synths!

    I wish I had not quit Piano but a V\ox Jag is my only b day wish….. hmmmmmmmm

    Love you Luna and Amar.
    Thank you from our paws and hearts

    megan and those rotten kitty cats

    and thank you for Biscuit Purrs… she better just be late for her din din…

  2. Hi to you and thanks for hosting… Willow was in charge of the theme of "music and cats" so here is her link:


  3. 🙁 we are worried too abouzt biscuit and purraying for her to come home soon!!

    here is our linkie for the festival: [url=][/url]
    Thanks for hosting our friends!

    Kashim & Othello

  4. I hope Biscuit comes home soon. I know how scary that is!

    Here is our link:


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