‘Centaur’ Ambient with Wavestate, Iridium, Prophet 10 & Minifreak

From Martin Stürtzer on YouTube, via matrixsynth.

This is just a little Sunday treat for you, because I am not able to do a livestream today. The track starts with a pad from the Korg Wavestate, which I used as in its native plugin version. The following sequence uses the wavetable engines of Waldorf’s Iridium. The bass is from the Prophet 10 and the lead melody from the Arturia Minifreak. Effects are U-He Color Copy, Valhalla DSP Shimmer.

Neptun went into a hyperactive state when I started the recording, he played a note (this time in key!) at 03:19

Rubia, Sequential Six-Trak, Korg MS-10, Casio VZ-1

Rubia sits atop a vintage Sequential Six-Trak synthesizer and looks ready to pounce on the Casio VZ-1 (to the left). Above her, we see a Korg MS-10 analog synthesizer and in the lower right corner a vintage Rhodes.

From AxWax via Mastodon. AxWax and Rubia also have a new sample pack out featuring samples from a 40-year old Casiotone MT-70 keyboard. We at CatSynth look forward to checking that out.

Ringo with Roland, Korg, Zoom, Waldorf

Ringo joins us from Brooklyn and shares with us a brief jam on a Roland SP-404SX, Korg TR 61 workstation, Zoom G3 effects box, and Waldorf Blofeld. From our friend Damien Olsen.

You can see a bit of a show that both Damien and I played in Brooklyn back in 2019

Cammi Granato and Sidney Crosby, Moog, Roland, Arturia, Korg

Cammi Granato and Sidney Crosby are hanging out in the studio. We see (from left to right, clockwise) a Roland SE-02, Arturia MiniBrute red edition, Korg Minilogue, Moog Mavis, Subharmonicon and Mother 32; A large Eurorack System, Doepfer Dark energy, and more Eurorack. We also see musician Scott Smigiel.

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