Korg Wavestate (Box)

It looks like someone has already claimed the box for this brand new Korg Wavestate. Submitted by Matthew Pirata Kane via our Facebook page.

Just got a korg wavestate, and my cat already claimed it

The Korg Wavestate is a great little synthesizer, a reimagination of the Wavestation from the 1990s. You can see our NAMM 2020 report on the Wavestate below.

CatSynth Video: Volca Keys Drone

A beautiful cat with a serene drone pattern on the Volca Keys. From _daana_green via Instagram.

Cat at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum

A cat floats as melodious sounds are performed on a Roland SH-101 and TR-606, along with the Korg MS-20. Form our friends at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum.

You can see our visit to the VSM in this video.

Tuna and Korg Poly-800

Tuna the black cat naps on a Korg Poly-800 synthesizer.

Tuna found a nice napping spot on a Korg Poly-800. Submitted by thedigitalpurrgatory via our Instagram.

The Korg Poly-800 was a small affordable synthesizer that featured DCOs, a VCF, and MIDI. Its successor, the Korg Poly-800 II, was one of the first synthesizers I seriously looked at as a teen, but ultimately opted for a different instrument.

Milali and Roland Juno-106

Milali returns, this time strolling atop a Roland Juno-106. We also see a Roland SH-101, and the MS-20 and Future Retro Revolution from her previous appearance.

From midiride via Instagram.

Korg Poly 800 and Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

Tom Petty (the cat) lounges on a Korg Poly 800, We also see an Eletro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man near by. It looks like he is getting ready to for some serious drone music.

From nonbinarysynthesis via Instagram.

Drone master 😭

Vanilla and Modular

Vanilla the cat joins us from Guangzhou, China, with an impressive modular system. We see an Erica Synths Plasma Drive, numerous offerings from Endorphines and Make Noise, including a 0-coast; 4MS, Noise Engineering, the popular SQ-1 sequencer from Korg, and even a box from Elektron.

From complexwaveform on Instagram.

Milali with Arturia MicroFreak, Korg MS-20 and Future Retro Revolution

Milali the cat reach a top shelf while stepping on a Future Retro Revolution.  Also present: Arturia MicroFreak and Korg MS-20.

Milali is back, using the Future Retro Revolution to reach…something up on that shelf. We also see an Arturia MicroFreak – a personal favorite of ours – and the Korg MS-20 that we saw in Milali’s previous appearance.

Submitted by Caroline Sommer via our Facebook page.

Milali with Korg MS-20 and Future Retro Revolution

Milali from Stuttgart poses elegantly atop a Future Retro Revolution synthesizer. Below is a Korg MS-20. A beautiful cat with two beautiful instruments.

Submitted by Caroline Sommer via our Facebook page.

Akai APC40, Korg Kaoss Pads, KMI QuNexus

This beautiful Siamese cat is holding court in a studio featuring an Akai APC40 controller (for Ableton Live), a pair of Korg Kaoss pads, and a Keith McMillen (KMI) QuNexus controller. And that appears to be a dead furby next to the cat.

Submitted by sgt.dingo via our Instagram.

Eat your heart out, @catsynth πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜†πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅πŸ₯°β€οΈπŸ˜»

Yes, that’s a Furby pelt pop filter.