Basti with Korg 01/W, SQ-1, and Dreabox in the snow

A truly wintry scene with a Korg 01/W, a Korg SQ-1 sequencer, a small Dreadbox synth, and a color-matching cat Basti.

From Andras Karoly via Facebook. You can see Basti’s other CatSynth appearances here.

Arturia DrumBrute and Korg Minilogue xd

This cool calico cat has managed to play both the Arturia DrumBrute and Korg Minilogue xd at the same time 😸

From Drew Millar via Facebook.

Kat on a Korg PS-3300

Cool cat with a lion cut on a Korg modular synth. This appears to a vintage Korg PS-3300. From Very Records via Twitter.

Kat on a Korg.. 🙂

The PS-3300 is a rather rare synthesizer, but an impressive one. I did get to play the closely related PS-3100 early this year at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum. You can hear a bit in this video.

Ringo plays Korg Triton and Waldorf Blofeld

Ringo plays a minimalist tone cloud on a Korg Triton Synthesizer. He also has a Waldorf Blofeld if he wants to add another sonic layer to his performance.

From our friend Damien Olson in New York. You can see a bit of a concert we did together in Brooklyn last year in this video.

CatSynth Pic: Korg M3, Nord Modular, and more

This cat is playing a massive chord on a keyboard of indeterminate provenance. Above is a Korg M3 workstation and in the upper left we espy a Nord modular tabletop.

From Neil Fowler via Facebook.

CatSynth Pic: Alesis, Korg, and Nord

This cat sits atop an Alesis QS7 keyboard. In the back, we see a Korg Kross workstation and a Nord Stage that looks quite similar (but not identical) to one we have here at HQ.

From Andy Kockelkoren via Facebook.

CatSynth Pic: Roland, Moog, Waldorf, Korg, Arturia, and More

This cat sits proudly atop a four-level stand of keyboard synths. On Row 3 (below the cat), we see a Waldorf Blofeld and Moog Little Phatty Stage Edition. Below that a RolandJX-8P and Korg MS-20. On the bottom row is another Roland keyboard. And on top, the cat’s paws are sitting on an Arturia Spark. The instruments behind the cat are left as an exercise to the reader.

From Dimitri Chatzigiannakis via Facebook.

CatSynth Pic: Sitting on All the Gear

This cat has managed to sit on all three pieces of gear at once. We see an a cool Akai MPC with red pads and trim, a Korg MS2000R, and a U-Control evolution in the back.

From Nicolas Allaire via Facebook.

Merce with Fuzz Box and Korg Mini Kaoss Pad

Our friend Merce the cat enjoys a nap on a fuzz box and Korg Mini Kaoss Pad. Via Merce’s Twitter feed.

Fuzz Box: Pillow and self

Merce looks very content, which of course makes us happy in turn. We love the retro lettering on that fuzz box. And we have a Mini Kaoss Pad although it hasn’t gotten as much love in recent years.

CatSynth Video: Meditation with Korg, Arturia, and White Cat

A very meditative piece from our friend Kemal Sabran. The little white cat is definitely relaxed by these calming sounds.