Minneapolis bridge update

From MarketWatch:

It is not yet known why or how the bridge collapsed, but Minnesota and Minneapolis officials have said the likely cause was “structural failure.”

No, you think?

I have more comments and recommended reading over at my DailyKos page. I am particularly going to watch if any of the Katrina comparisons play out. I'm also wondering if Alaska's “projects” are going to get another strong look?

2 thoughts on “Minneapolis bridge update

  1. My beans haf been commentin on how stoopid some of the "news" about the bridge is, specially sum of the questions. "Were you frightened?" Duh. My beans said, in response to this tragedy, King George II will be declarin a "War on Gravity." Isn't that how the gov't responds to efurryfing?
    Seriously, it was a terribul fing to happen an we purr an purray fur the victims an their famblies. But more common sense in the reportin would be appreciated.

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